The Mission of Diabetes Training Camp Foundation is to inspire, motivate and educate by delivering unique and customized programs and coaching that empower the community of people with diabetes to thrive.

Diabetes Training Camp Foundation offers camps, programs and services that bring all of the necessary team members to one location to assist you in creating a sustainable strategic plan for living well, competing well and being active with diabetes. The traditional 20- to 30-minute encounter with a clinician a few times per year is not enough to meet your needs. You will benefit from the analysis and insight of diabetes and exercise experts and elite coaches who thrive on working with all abilities – beginner to elite. We will work with you to enhance your diabetes management skills, fitness and training regimens – all while having a great time, laughing a lot and building friendships to last a lifetime. Importantly, you are the captain of this team that includes phenomenal coaches, experienced medical and exercise personnel, registered dietitians, diabetes educators, a mental skills coach and a licensed clinical social worker.

Our camps fill a void between the worlds of diabetes and exercise, creating a clinical resource devoted to bridging that gap. We put theory into practice and help you build an individualized diabetes management plan specifically based on your needs to get you started or take you to the next level. This MAGIC happens through lectures, workshops, training sessions and community time. You will immediately put what you learn into practice in a safe zone surrounded by DTC experts. You will see a difference in your control and your performance and, most importantly, you will develop bonds and friendships with others like you who are also pushing themselves and taking control.

"The DTC team will provide you with a practical and inspirational approach to diabetes management. As we surround you with support and guidance, DTC will equip you with the knowledge and motivation you’ll need to reach your fitness goals and athletic dreams while effectively managing your diabetes."

Matthew Corcoran M.D., board certified in diabetes and endocrinology and a nationally recognized leader in the arena of diabetes, exercise and sport. has designed these camps and programs specifically for YOU. With a wealth of experience in Type 1 diabetes, Type 2 diabetes and exercise/sports management. Dr. Corcoran brings a very unique perspective to the medical management of diabetes and exercise.

Diabetes Training Camp has truly become a unique medium in which to deliver health care education and counseling. At Diabetes Training Camp you will be surrounded by a phenomenal team of people that GET IT and aspire to help you achieve your fitness goals and athletic dreams

Get Ready for an amazing variety of training and fitness options to meet YOUR NEEDS!

Diabetes Training Camp Foundation’s signature events include: