Our First V Camp of 2023!

January 28, 2023
10 AM - 6 PM EST

DTC V Camps provide a unique, life-changing program to empower the community of people living with diabetes to thrive -- virtually.

Mini V Camps are immersive, one-day virtual camp experiences for our community.  These camp experiences will take a deeper dive into one specific area of interest. Focus area examples include a Mental Skills Mini V, Nutrition Mini V, Technology Mini V and Diabetes Management for Exercise, Sport Mini V and Teen Mini V.

DTC Thought Leaders

Guest Thought Leaders

Ryan Hutmacher

Ryan Hutmacher is an award-winning chef and founder of the Well Beyond Food Project. Ryan produces team building adventures and wellness retreats that cultivate human connection. From his interactive eating experiences to thematic marketing collaborations with lifestyle brands, food is his vehicle that connects people.

Ryan’s credited for winning a nationally televised cooking competition on ABC’s “The CHEW”, speaking on the TEDx stage and countless media appearances including the Today Show. His unique skill-sets span three industries, including Hospitality, CPG and Healthcare.

Kelly Schmidt

Kelly Schmidt is a renowned speaker, published author, dietitian coach, media guru, and creator of her “Be Well with Kel” masterclass.

Kel is a T1D who has no shame in taking an insulin shot in public, being unapologetic for her health needs and is one of few dietitians who has no love for quinoa. Her number one goal is to empower other T1D’s to understand peak health and healthy blood sugar control far beyond the plate and that being a self-advocate is the ticket to success. 

She is passionate about educating her clients not only on what to ask and learn, but on how to optimize their lifestyle. Eating is a necessity, but knowing how to eat is an art. Kel’s mission is to guide clients with blood sugar challenges to live a life where diabetes is less hard. Not easy, less hard.

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In 2020 COVD-19 forced us to pivot and find NEW ways to offer DTC camps, programs and services to our community. We had to cancel our in-person camps, but we couldn’t live with the idea of not learning, training and CONNECTING with the diabetes community. So, we created the V Camp programming. We know this experience is different from our in-person camps, but we learned that we can provide a unique and life-changing program dedicated to empowering the community of people with diabetes to thrive virtually. As a matter of fact, virtual programs were so pepular that V CAMPS have been permanently added to our schedules.

The V Camps were created when we could not be together in person to continue to provide support and education for people living with diabetes. Virtually, we were able to learn, train and connect the DTC experts with new and alumni campers. We realized that virtual camps offer unique value and have added them permanently to our camp and program offerings.

The V Camp is founded in DTC’s core principles around diabetes management for exercise and sports and offers the same great information and community that our in-person camps offer. Camps range from one to three days.

V Camp and Mini V Camp Faculty:

Content will be delivered by DTC’s core team of experts who will be joined by several exciting guest thought leaders from throughout North America

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Please Note: Faculty varies by camp.