One Day of Giving Fundraiser - Thank You for Making One Day of Giving So Memorable!

For 24 hours on our Facebook page, we celebrated all that Diabetes Training Camp is and does for the community of people living with diabetes. All funds from One Day of Giving go to our Scholarship Fund to help us continue to get people to camp who need camp—regardless of their financial situation.

We had an amazing time sharing alumni and staff stories, statistics about how DTC impacts people living with the challenges of diabetes, and videos and thoughts by members of this incredible community.

If you weren't able to join us for our One Day of Giving this year, you may still donate to help members of our diabetes community continue to live their best lives!


Dear DTC Supporters,

Early June means a lot to me. June, almost 15 years ago, was the very first Diabetes Training Camp. I remember it well. When I opened registration for that camp I was nervous, worried whether or not people would come. Before I knew it we had registrations from all over the country and from Ireland, Israel and the United Kingdom. I was in disbelief but very grateful and motivated by the confirmation that people needed this camp. At the end of camp, Chris B. looked me square in the eyes and said “You can’t stop now, Matt”! I completely agreed.

Our alumni tell us that Diabetes Training Camp is MAGICAL because during camp, we transform lives. We want to continue to make that magic happen! Many of you have asked what you can do to help. We have created One Day of Giving as an annual opportunity to give back and to pay it forward. As many of you know, we run our camps at cost. And, we continue to depend on a major volunteer effort to offer our unique, comprehensive and multi-disciplinary resources. Dollars raised will continue to enable us to grow and reach more people.

One Day of Giving, held on June 10, 2021, was 24 hours of DTC alumni, campers, team members, Board members, family and friends all coming together to show DTC pride by giving to the areas of Diabetes Training Camp Foundation that mean the most to them. Gifts of all sizes added up and had a big impact for future campers, alumni, families, staff and the entire DTC community. There is great strength in numbers!

Thank you all for the incredible ways that you have contributed to our community and touched my life at the same time. Thank you for taking this opportunity to give back and for helping future members of our community live the life they want to live. THANK YOU for contributing to the MAGIC!

Stay Well,

Dr. Matt