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August’s diabetes camp goes virtual for kids, adults and families

July 22, 2020

I never had the opportunity to go to diabetes camp since I got type 1 at the age of 18. But I always wish I had. When I started interviewing people with diabetes years ago, young people said to me it was one of the best things that ever happened to them. They made some of their best and expected to be lifelong, friends there.

So if you’re looking for a d-camp for your child this summer, or you want to attend as an adult with T1D or a family, look to ‘V Camp’ offered by the Diabetes Training Camp Foundation. And if you indicate you read about it here, you’ll get a 10% discount off the registration fee!

V Camp runs from Thursday evening, August 13th to Sunday afternoon, the 16th. Each day offers online back to back lectures, small group sessions and fitness opportunities. You can attend whatever you like and every single session.

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Diabetes Training Camp for Grownups

The Diabetes Site

We’re huge fans of diabetes camps for children! They give kids the opportunity to be around other children who are going through the same things they are, provides them with vital tools to help them better mange their condition, and is a time for them to have an amazing time with their peers with the supervision of people who know how to help them in a diabetic emergency.

Camps for children with diabetes are a great way for them to realize they’re not alone! But camps aren’t just for the kiddos anymore! Diabetes Training Camp boasts that it’s a place for people to “train, learn, and connect.” The camp in Pennsylvania helps adults learn to integrate diabetes treatment with exercise, diet, and a positive attitude. And the best part? Making new friends and having fun, of course. After all, it’s camp!

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Diabetes Training Camp Comes to Margate

Shore Local News - March 6, 2020

If you live with the challenges of type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes, there is local program that is designed specifically to help you.  Diabetes Training Camp is hosting a 3-day Type 2 Boot Camp program from March 20th – March 22nd at the Milton and Betty Katz JCC in Margate, NJ. Attendees will learn how to take control of their diabetes and build a sustainable plan to live the life they want to live.

Led by SHORE Endocrinologist Dr. Matthew Corcoran, the program is staffed by diabetes experts from all over the country. The weekend includes education on clinical diabetes, nutrition, mental skills strategies and fitness training. Dr. Corcoran is one of the leading clinicians in diabetes care, exercise and fitness in the nation. He has been recognized by the American Diabetes Association as a “Diabetes All-Star” and for the past 13 years has run life-changing camps and programs for people living with diabetes.

“Too often people living with diabetes are told to live a healthier life style and start exercising. It can be overwhelming, confusing and frustrating knowing where and how to start, says Dr. Corcoran. We’re here to help! And, in addition to learning how to make small changes for big impact, campers will be surrounded by others who get it, and are going through similar challenges.”

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Diabetes Training Camp's Type 2 Boot Camp

mySugr - April 6, 2019

Diabetes is not something you have to face alone, even if you don't know anybody nearby with diabetes. There is SO much help and support out there – whole communities of people banding together to support and learn from each other. Here's one of them.

This week, I give you a summary of all the fun stuff I did at the new Type 2 Boot Camp from Diabetes Training Camp. During the event, we talked about diet and nutrition, and we learned and practiced some really dynamic exercise routines with instructors and professional athletes. Exercise is so crucial to managing blood sugars. Definitely check out the video to see how it went!

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Beyond Type 1

“This is not a diabetes camp. This is a sports and fitness camp for people who happen to have diabetes.” Matt Corcoran is an adult endocrinologist specializing in Type 1 diabetes, treating both teens and adults in his practice. Mentors during his residency encouraged him to pursue endocrinology, and when he was a month away from completing his fellowship, his niece was diagnosed with Type 1 at age 3. Beyond Type 1 was excited to talk with Matt about his Diabetes Training Camp Foundation (DTC) and his hopes for the future of the organization.

“That really kind of lit a fire for me and brought a lot of things together for me,” Matt told Beyond Type 1 during a recent interview. “I wasn’t thankful that my niece had Type 1 diabetes, but I am thankful for her inspiration and motivation — it really just created a passion for me.”

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Find everything you need for healthy living right here.

American Diabetes Association

Receiving a diabetes diagnosis is scary—but know that it doesn’t have to stop you and your family from living a healthy life. The American Diabetes Association is here for you—whether you’re newly diagnosed, caring for someone with diabetes, a health care provider trying to help your patients thrive or someone who doesn’t know the first thing about diabetes.

Margate doctor named a ‘Diabetes All-Star’

THE CURRENT - November 24, 2016

Dr. Matthew Corcoran of Margate, director of endocrinology AtlantiCare, was featured in the new edition of Diabetes Forecast: The Healthy Living Magazine as a "Diabetes All-Star” and is on the publication’s 2016 list of “People to Know.” Corcoran is the founder and chief executive of the Diabetes Training Camp, which is held each year in Lancaster, Pa.

He was described as one of the nation’s premiere diabetes educators in the article, according to a press release from the camp. Locally, he meets with clients at APG Endocrinology in the AtlantiCare Health Park in Egg Harbor Township. At Corcoran’s Diabetes Training Camp, adults and teens with diabetes learn to be active and athletic while taking better control of their disease, the release states. The camp is based on the principles of education, training and community and provides fitness, multi-sport training, education, nutrition and one-on-one consultations with experts in the fields of diabetes management, mental skills, nutrition, and coaching and exercise physiology.

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Local founder of diabetes camp wins national accolades

LNP - November 22, 2016

A diagnosis of diabetes may seem life-changing, and it is. But it’s only the start.
Learning how to manage the condition is a lifelong priority, and the requirements may change as the person gets older or starts an exercise routine or has other health issues crop up.
For about a decade, Dr. Matthew Corcoran, an endocrinologist, diabetes educator and exercise specialist, has run a Lancaster-based camp for teens

and adults who have diabetes. Diabetes Training Camp, a nearly weeklong program, provides training, education, small-group discussions and one-on-one expert counseling, primarily for people who have Type 1 diabetes. Now, as the camp expands to a new level of service, Corcoran has been honored for his work. He is featured in Diabetes Forecast, the publication of the American Diabetes Association, as a Diabetes All-Star, and is on the publication’s 2016 list of People to Know..

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Coaching at the Diabetes Training Camp

Jon Fecik - September 2016

I have had the honor of working at my 5th Diabetes Training Camp (DTC) this August and I absolutely loved it. Working with Type 1 diabetics is extremely fulfilling and watching the DTC philosophy at work in the camp environment is a powerful experience. For those of you who don’t know, Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease where a person’s pancreas stops working. Normally, a properly working pancreas secretes insulin which helps us regulate our blood sugar. Since a diabetic’s pancreas does not work properly, the diabetics must consciously regulate their own blood sugar by injecting insulin at the right times throughout the day. It’s a 24 hour, 7 days a week job and there is no cure (you can’t simply eat or exercise your way out of it). If diabetics do not regulate their blood sugars well, there can be short term consequences (like feeling lethargic or passing out) and long term consequences such as permanent nerve damage, loss of eye sight, and shorter life expectancy.

Generally, diabetics get a 20-30 minute consult with their doctor a few times a year. Dr. Matt Corcoran, an MD, CDE, and Exercise Specialist with the American Association of Sports Medicine quickly recognized that this was not enough time to help his patients. In response, he developed a camp to address the needs of diabetics in a fundamental way. This is how DTC was born.

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