DTC Nutrition Team

Lyndsay Gregerson, RD, CDCES

Lyndsay Gregerson's passion to advocate wellness in those living with diabetes comes from her personal experience of having Type 1 diabetes diagnosed at the age of three. It’s this first-hand experience and awareness of the importance of diet and exercise on her own health that served as a catalyst for her career in dietetics while focusing on diabetes.

After earning a Bachelor of Science in dietetics from the University of Wisconsin-Stout, Lyndsay completed her dietetic internship at Loyola University-Chicago and went on to become a registered and licensed dietitian. In 2008 she achieved certification as a certified diabetes educator (CDE). Lyndsay worked as a diabetes educator in Chicago from 2005-2011, gaining experience through holding several roles in the diabetes field. Since 2011, she has worked as a diabetes clinical manager for Medtronic Diabetes in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Lyndsay’s drive for not letting T1D “get in the way” is evident with her participation in endurance sports. She has completed 2 Ironman Triathlons (a 140.6-mile race), 3 half-

Ironman distance triathlons, 3 marathons and several half-marathons and sprint/Olympic triathlons. Also known as 'Lil Herc', she was a skater with the Brewcity Bruisers (Milwaukee Roller Derby). When she is not training, she enjoys traveling, concerts, any outdoor activity and cooking.

Megan Robinson, MS, RDN, CDCES, CSSD, LDN

Megan Robinson has been a registered dietitian/nutritionist (RDN) since 1994 and currently works at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia at the Diabetes Center for Children. She also owns a private sports nutrition and coaching practice at MeganSportsRD, LLC. Megan is a board-certified specialist sports dietitian, certified diabetes care and education specialist and a certified RRCA coach. Megan has been a prolific writer for Philly.com, has published in numerous nutrition journals and has presented at local and national conferences on sports nutrition and diabetes. She received her Bachelor of Science in dietetics from the University of Vermont and a Master of Science in exercise physiology from West Chester University.

Megan has been a competitive track and cross-country runner since high school and has competed in numerous long distance races and multiple marathons including the Boston Marathon. She coaches distance runners of all levels, and her expertise in sports nutrition, diabetes and running makes her an exceptional counselor for both aspiring and accomplished athletes with diabetes.

When Megan is not running, she enjoys balancing her life with yoga, travel and spending time with her family.

Melissa Gaynor, RDN, CDE

Melissa is a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) and certified diabetes educator (CDE) who has been living with Type 1 diabetes since the age of 11. She is the Program Coordinator for NYU Langone Health’s Pediatric Diabetes Center in Brooklyn, New York. She is responsible for creating and developing the Center’s educational programs and providing patient care. Melissa has a passion for helping others manage and thrive with T1D. Before her career in healthcare, Melissa worked in media and played guitar in an indie rock band.

When a close friend was diagnosed with diabetes, she realized her passion for nutrition and diabetes education. She supported her friend, “practiced what she preached,” improved her own control and lost 30lbs in the process. She went on to become an RDN and CDE and was eventually hired as a pediatric nutritionist and diabetes educator at the same practice where she was first diagnosed!

Melissa went from being a camp alumna to a part of the DTC nutrition staff in 2016. Using what she’s learned at camp, she has become a committed gym rat (5-6 times per week) where she enjoys a variety of programs including her favorite work out Barry’s Bootcamp, general HIIT, cross-training classes, running and more. She was even able to apply the mental skills and training techniques learned at camp to tightly manage her blood glucose and exercise daily during her pregnancy.

When she’s not hanging with her daughter, you can find this indie rocker-turned-athlete-mom riding her Peloton, listening to live music, attending comedy shows or drinking wine and eating pizza on the couch with her husband. Melissa believes the key to a healthy lifestyle is balance!

Tiffany Rios, RD, CDE

Tiffany Rios received her undergraduate degree in nutritional science - dietetics from Rutgers University and her registered dietitian certification from South Jersey Healthcare System (now Inspira). She has won several awards for excellence from her previous work at Sharp Healthcare in San Diego, California, and has a record of success partnering with community health organizations to reach those in need. She strives to embody the health that she advocates for her patients by spending her free time in movement, cooking and learning about nutrition and wellness.

Molly Wagman, MS, RDN, CSSD, CDE

Molly was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when she was nine years old and has been interested in how food and activity affect her diabetes ever since. Having diabetes inspired Molly to become a registered dietitian nutritionist and certified diabetes educator. Molly first came to DTC as a camper in 2009 and is thrilled to now be a staff member.

Since her first experience with DTC, Molly has successfully completed several multi-sport endurance races and loves finding ways to make nutrition and exercise simple and enjoyable. When she’s not outside hiking or running, you can find her in the kitchen creating delicious, fun and healthy recipes!