Here’s what our alumni have to say about DTC:

I was always athletic and active, even early on in my diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes. But along the way my body changed, and I was no longer able to keep my glucose in a range that supported the active lifestyle to which I was accustomed. I started cutting my workouts short. I was soon sitting on the sidelines instead of competing. I felt defeated. Then I heard about and attended my first DTC. Nothing compares to this incredible group of people. I’ve started pushing myself again. I’ve gotten so much stronger. I’ve gotten faster. And I regained confidence in my abilities. Now my eyes are set on Ironman competitions (I never said “I’ve gotten smarter”). I don’t think the proper words exist to adequately describe DTC. It’s transformational. Informational. Affirmational. Motivational. And it’s so much more. It truly is magical.

What an amazing experience! This was my first time at DTC and I wasn’t sure what to expect, especially with everything being virtual. But I was blown away! Everything from the incredible list of guest speakers to the wealth of resources they provided was beyond anything I could have imagine. And even more than just the quality of the program itself, it was the strength of the community that has really made an impact on me. The dedication that this group has for helping and supporting others is real and their passion for building up this community is palpable. It was so amazing to be able to connect with so many people, and the virtual format offered such a great opportunity for those who might not be able to join in person. I know for myself, it was a perfect opportunity to see what DTC was all about. It did not disappoint! I left feeling inspired and empowered to ‘live the life I want to live’! I cannot say enough about Dr. Corcoran, his team, and the DTC Foundation. With much gratitude, thank you!

This was my 3rd year at Diabetes Training Camp. I live in Juneau, Alaska, and was diagnosed on my 40th birthday. I’d probably gone 7 months undiagnosed. My doctor never checked my blood sugar, because no one else in my family has Type 1 Diabetes. I went to a young PA for a second opinion and she had my BG checked before I left the waiting room. Immeasurable. I never seem to accept limits well… Even though DTC 2020 V Camp took place online this year - What was the best part? Seeing some of those familiar faces. Alumni-campers now work for the foundation! Carrie Cheadle’s still keeping us all stable in our emotional expectations, Lindsay Gregerson is still ratifying peanut M-&-Ms, and Dr. Matt still remembers details about me from 2009 - and he only shares the good ones. These people are doing something right, and even the most socially reticent of us are not immune. Thanks to the honest and sincerely ambitious enthusiasm of DTC staff and campers, I can talk about my diabetes with less judgement and more facts. I don’t pretend to be an expert, but I know where the experts can be found - and I point everyone I meet touched by diabetes to DTC. I think a lot of people, not just diabetics, assume a team of doctors and health specialists swarming to support them in their own ambitions is more than they deserve, or can live up to. But the staff at DTC know how to make every step a shared celebration, ringing far into the future.

I can't emphasize enough how much DTC has changed my life for the better. Type 1 diabetes is incredibly overwhelming and isolating, but DTC is the best support system for feeling connected and encouraged. The training I've received in diabetes management, as well as exercise and mental health, has been beyond value to helping me feel like I have the tools that I need to manage my medical difficulties. The amazing energy of DTC and the staff is empowering and uplifting. I was hesitant to believe that they could deliver the incalculable benefits of their yearly diabetes camps this year through a remote, virtual platform. So much of what they give is relational and emotional support. Boy, was I wrong. I felt every bit as connected, involved, loved and supported as I have in attending their in-person camps. It is such a needed boost for me to be able to connect with DTC. Now I'm ready to get back into life energized, refreshed , and ready to take on type 1 diabetes management.

Since being blessed to have gone to DTC I have discovered or rediscovered my passion for life and my ability to be active and normal in a world that made me feel disabled and depressed. I became special and important to those that knew me because they knew the struggles I faced not because of me telling them but because they themselves faced it or loved someone that faced it and it changed my life, mind and soul. I am now on my way to a 80% blood sugar in range and a 7.4 hemoglobin A1c and I work out with a smile not a frown. Thank you soooo much for accepting me and seeing that you could impact my life in the best and most uplifting way possible... we are effing-amazing warriors. DTC for life!!!

Thanks to all of you again for an amazing experience. There are truly no words that can express all the "feels" and thoughts from this trip. Once again, I am not sure where to put my emotions - so many buckets. Relief. Empowered. Sad. Resolute. Determined. Safe. Luke is processing the info over and over as he talks about what he learned, and I'm really impressed how well he learned it, my head is still spinning! All the kids in the camp were so terrific in each their own way. What a special group. Capri's openness and honesty really touched my heart. I said it in December and I say it again: We. Will. Be. Okay.