Dedicate your donation in honor of a family member or friend with diabetes or in memory of a loved one. When you make a donation in memory of a loved one, you may select a recipient to be notified of your gift. Please share their story for a chance to get their story published on this dedication page.

Brian Woodward

"Brian, You are an inspiration to us all and have the heart & strength of a lion! Love, The Galindos"

Niko Hebert

"I hope that someday your schedule will allow you to attend a DTC camp, they are the BEST!"

Abbey Corcoran

"Thanks for your work!"

Donna Walter

"In honor of Dr. John Corcoran on what would have been his 87th birthday. A wonderful employer, a devoted physician, and a very caring person. I was very blessed to have him in my life."

Ann O'Connor

"I am looking forward to working with you and determining my next adventure! Kevin Murray"

C. Ben and Nancy Mitchell

"In memory of Bettie Newman Armstrong"

John Corcoran

"So very sorry for your loss. He will be missed."

John Corcoran M.D.

"May God Bless you and those who love you so much."

John Joseph Corcoran, M.D.

"It was an honor to have been John‘s patient. He was the best doctor and a good friend. I will always cherish the memories. Sending love and prayers to Mickey and the family. Monika Glenn"

Dr. John Joseph Corcoran

"Dear Corcoran Family, Our deepest condolences! We are sorry for your loss of such a wonderful man. Thinking of you all during this difficult time! With deepest sympathy, Sabrina, Freddy, Fleur & Daan van Doorn"

John Corcoran

"John Corcoran Memorial Scholarship, With love from your DTC Team"

John Joseph Corcoran MD

"In loving memory of Dr Corcoran who delivered my beautiful baby girl and his unique ability to treat and care for his patients."

Donna & Clinton Kemp

"In memory of John Joseph Corcoran MD"

John Corcoran

"In honor of John Corcoran and family"

John Joseph Corcoran, MD

"Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family as you deal with your loss and with the absence of your father. Please know that you are not alone and that we are here for you during this difficult time. Sincerely, Anthony, Donna and the DNA Team."

John Corcoran MD

"In memory of the passing of Dr Corcoran."

Georgi Goldman

"In memory of John Joseph Corcoran"

John Joseph Corcoran

"This donation is made in honor and in memory of John Joseph Corcoran, M.D. A wonderful caring man who will be sorely missed! from the Galanti/Horvath family"

John Corcoran, MD

"It was a blessing to know Dr. Corcoran. May he rest in peace and may Matt and the Corcoran family take comfort that he will always be with them."

John Corcoran, MD

"John and his entire family hold my heart. It is such an honor to be part of their lives."

John Corcoran

"My deepest sympathies to Mickey & all the family. John will always be in my heart, He was so proud of the many successes of the DTC. Marge"

Karen Johnson

"In Memory of Dr. John Corcoran. My prayers and condolences to all of the Corcoran Family."

Ron & Kristi Paguio

"In honor of the belated Dr. John Corcoran."

Jennifer Williams

"In Memory of Dr. John Joseph Corcoran"

Joseph Corcoran

"In memory of Joseph Corcoran, RIP"

Bettie Armstrong

"In honor of Ann O’Connors mom Bettie who lived life large."

John Joseph Corcoran

"In honor of his life of service to his patients and his family"

Bettie Armstrong

"May the many cherished memories of your mum help to heal your broken heart. Much Love Marlyn"

Bettie Armstrong

"In loving memory of Ann Armstrong O'Connor's mother."

Bettie Newman Armstrong

"In memory of Bettie Newman Armstrong"