General Fitness Training

Living with diabetes is all about balance. Balancing blood glucose levels, maintaining a balanced diet, balancing your non-diabetes life with your diabetes-life and creating a well-balanced fitness routine. At DTC we are committed to helping you determine your fitness strengths and weaknesses, as well as providing you with the tools to develop and build upon limitations and optimize your strengths. Whether you are starting an exercise program for the first time or are a seasoned athlete looking to tweak your performance, we will help you determine the best program to achieve your personal best.

Our team of fitness professionals range from exercise physiologists and certified personal trainers to yoga and group exercise instructors. Our focus is introducing you to the core elements of fitness (strength, endurance, balance and flexibility) and tweaking your current exercise regimen to meet your personal goals.

Your in-person camp experience is about YOU. Therefore, you will be given the opportunity to try a variety of fitness classes such as yoga, strength training, aquatic exercise and Pilates. In order to present you with the tools needed to achieve a well-rounded approach when you return home, our experts offer one-on-one consultations to create a customized program for you.

Discover and learn strategies to develop the following:

  • Utilize free weights, resistance bands, body weight exercises and physio balls while gaining knowledge on proper form and workout structure. A variety of strength training strategies will be incorporated.
  • Create stronger joint stability and enhance the neuromuscular system with the use of physio balls, yoga and Pilates classes.
  • Reduce your risk for injury and improve your athletic performance while learning stretches for major muscle groups and those specific to your particular sport.
  • Build upon your foundation and support your entire musculoskeletal system with a strong and defined core. 
  • Learn how to utilize cardiovascular exercise and cross training to your fat-burning and metabolic advantage. Various cardio machines and outdoor exercises will be utilized in circuit and interval style workouts.

We also believe that education is empowerment when it comes to managing your diabetes fitness program. During your time at camp, you will learn about the many benefits of exercise and will put them into practical application:

Benefits of Fitness:

  • Increased Strength
  • Bone Density Improvements
  • Reduced Overall Weight
  • Balanced Body Composition
  • Reduced Blood Pressure, Cholesterol and Overall Cardiovascular Disease Risk
  • Improved Balance and Stability
  • Increased Flexibility
  • Heightened Metabolism
  • Controlled Symptoms of Stress, Anxiety and Depression

Diabetes and Fitness Benefits:

  • Reduced A1C
  • Blood Glucose Management
  • Decreased Amount of Diabetes Medications
  • Improved Cardiovascular Profile
  • Decreased Insulin Resistance
  • Increased Insulin Sensitivity
  • Improved Circulation