Jacob D. (Camp Alum), New York

I was always athletic and active, even early on in my diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes. But along the way my body changed, and I was no longer able to keep my glucose in a range that supported the active lifestyle to which I was accustomed. I started cutting my workouts short. I was soon sitting on the sidelines instead of competing. I felt defeated. Then I heard about and attended my first DTC. Nothing compares to this incredible group of people. I’ve started pushing myself again. I’ve gotten so much stronger. I’ve gotten faster. And I regained confidence in my abilities. Now my eyes are set on Ironman competitions (I never said “I’ve gotten smarter”). I don’t think the proper words exist to adequately describe DTC. It’s transformational. Informational. Affirmational. Motivational. And it’s so much more. It truly is magical.