Taryn B. (V Camp and In Person Camp Alum), Idaho

I can't emphasize enough how much DTC has changed my life for the better. Type 1 diabetes is incredibly overwhelming and isolating, but DTC is the best support system for feeling connected and encouraged. The training I've received in diabetes management, as well as exercise and mental health, has been beyond value to helping me feel like I have the tools that I need to manage my medical difficulties. The amazing energy of DTC and the staff is empowering and uplifting. I was hesitant to believe that they could deliver the incalculable benefits of their yearly diabetes camps this year through a remote, virtual platform. So much of what they give is relational and emotional support. Boy, was I wrong. I felt every bit as connected, involved, loved and supported as I have in attending their in-person camps. It is such a needed boost for me to be able to connect with DTC. Now I'm ready to get back into life energized, refreshed , and ready to take on type 1 diabetes management.