Diabetes Training Camp

DeOndre Hogan

“I couldn’t have imagined what DTC would be like. From the jump, the care of the genuine team, and the environment they create, for all campers is unbelievable. I felt safe, I felt like I belonged. I could let my guard down and be vulnerable. I loved connecting with other T1Ds from all over the […]

Melissa Walsh

“Thank you for providing such an incredible experience for my son and family. Before DTC he had never talked with a peer about his diabetes, never in 4 years. I can’t believe how camp has made him happy and relaxed. If it wasn’t for DTC, I doubt his confidence of his life with T1D would […]

Rachel Binford

“In 32 years as an adult living with T1D, I had never met anyone else who shared this journey. I didn’t arrive at camp with thoughts of being an “athlete,” but that quickly changed after one of the very first lectures. I couldn’t believe how much I was learning about my body and living with […]