Diabetes Training Camp

What is DTC and why is it magical?

Diabetes Training Camp (DTC) is a non-profit organization that is committed to helping people living with diabetes feel empowered and knowledgeable to manage their disease and live a healthy, long and active life.  DTC treats the whole patient with education around clinical management, mental skills, coping and communication, nutrition and fueling and exercise physiology.  
Programs include their flagship in-person camps.  DTC runs two 5-day camps for adults ages 18-85 that include workout and activity sessions, lectures, small groups and workshops and community activities.  These camps are filled with life changing moments of realization and understanding that anything is possible and diabetes does not need to hold you back.  Many adults living with diabetes have been told that they can not exercise or that exercise needs to be limited.  At DTC, we know that with the proper tools and mindset – you can do it all!  And, each year about 30% of campers who register for camp are alumni, coming back to experience the magic all over again. 
DTC also runs TEEN BOOT CAMPS for teen athletes living with type one diabetes and their parents.  This 3-day camp often hosts teens who have never met another T1D.  For the first time they meet and mingle with other T1D teens and for the first time they do not feel alone.  Much like adult camp, teens are empowered and educated on managing their diabetes while succeeding on and off the field through management strategies and fueling/nutrition strategies.  Mental skills is also a big part of the teen program helping teens with communication and coping with teammates, coaches, trainers and programs that do no understand their disease.  Many of these kids have been benched, cut or treated unfairly due to their diagnosis.  DTC empowers them to educate others and advocate for themselves so they can keep doing what they love effectively and healthfully.  The magic continues at this camp during the parent sessions.  Parents feel like they finally have a safe place to lay their own burdens down associated with supporting, caring for and advocating for their children.  The DTC team empowers them to be supportive but not suffocating, to be informed and not scared and to advocate effectively for their athletes.  And gives them a network of other parents and experts who understand. 
The community that is formed at these in person experiences is like none other.  For many, this is the first-time campers have been surrounded by others who “get it” and who want to provide solutions and strategies for success, and have empathy and understanding for a disease that others just don’t understand. 
DTC also offers several virtual programs throughout the year with an emphasis on certain topics like nutrition, mental skills or exercise physiology.  
Once someone becomes a member of the DTC community – they have a community for life.  There is a private facebook group for sharing, supporting and suggesting and, every other Weds all year long a free community webinar zoom happens from 8p-9:30p est.  Alumni can sign up for any or all weds zoom calls and each call has a different topic or guest speaker.  There are many opportunities for the community to stay connected year round.  
All of this culminates to the DTC COME EXPERIENCE THE MAGIC fundraising event on November 3 to kick off Diabetes Awareness Month!  This event is party celebrating the amazing warriors who are living with diabetes!  And, all dollars raised go to scholarships and programming to get people living with diabetes to camp and offer them the services and programs they need to live a full and healthy life.
Until there is a cure for diabetes, there is Diabetes Training Camp!