Diabetes Training Camp

Atlantic City, NJ - June 19-23, 2024

Lancaster, PA - August 14-18, 2024


Registration is Open!

DTC Type 1 Adult Camps

June 19-23, 2024: Atlantic City, NJ August 14-18, 2024: Lancaster, PA

Registration is open! 

DTC Adult Camps are general fitness and multisport camps devoted to all fitness levels. They are uniquely designed for all ages (18-80), all levels, all-comers. We will meet you where you are and help you get where you want to go — whether you want to start a general fitness program, run a marathon, PR a triathlon or anything in between. We are very fortunate to have the best of the best in coaching and education. They are eager to meet you and work with you no matter what your goal is. Simply come ready to learn more, explore your potential and have a great time.

Diabetes Training Camp has truly become a unique medium in which to deliver healthcare education and counseling. At Diabetes Training Camp you will be surrounded by a phenomenal team of people that GET IT and aspire to help you achieve your fitness goals and athletic dreams.


Professional Technique Coaching
for All Levels

Stockton, New Jersey - Atlantic City, NJ June 19-23, 2024

Lectures & Workshops:

  • Medical and exercise physiology lectures
  • Management strategies for exercise and sport
  • Nutrition lectures
  • Mental skills coaching
  • Coaching lectures
  • Small group sessions

Connections – Tremendous Friendships and Bonding
with Others Like You!

  • You will be surrounded by other incredible people, like you, taking on the challenge of living healthfully with diabetes
  • You will find that many other campers have similar challenges, experiences and goals. It’s a great opportunity to share, connect, bond and grow.
  • Meet friends that will last a lifetime!

Spooky Nook - Lancaster, PA August 14-18, 2024

A Typical Camp Includes:

Adult Camp Faculty:

You will work with a highly qualified team of diabetes and exercise specialists, an exercise physiologist, coaches and fitness specialists, registered dieticians and CDEs (Certified Diabetes Educators) and mental skills coaches to help you work toward and meet your goals.

Get to know your team by clicking on the links below:

Please Note: Faculty varies by camp.

Take a look at a schedule from a previous camp. Each camp has its own unique programming, and the schedule is subject to change. Look at a schedule from a recent camp.

Diabetes training Camp is a 501(c)3 not for profit. Our mission is to inspire, motivate and educate by delivering unique and customized programs and coaching that empower the community of people with diabetes to thrive.