Diabetes Training Camp

Sharon Levin has been living with Type 1 diabetes since 1979. She is continually amazed by how well she and others can live and thrive with T1D. This eye-opening exposure is entirely due to Diabetes Training Camp (DTC). Prior to DTC, Sharon had very little interaction with others with T1D, especially athletes. Having participated in sports in a ‘diabetes bubble,’ it was life changing to meet others at DTC with similar experiences with T1D.

Sharon spent many years at AT&T in systems and project management, human resources, corporate communication and change management. She has also worked for many charitable causes including fundraising and volunteer coordination. Over the years, Sharon increased her focus on exercise as part of her T1D management—training and participating in century bike rides, sprint triathlons and half marathons. Her success with these activities (as well as casual and competitive golf) can all be attributed to her time at DTC which taught her that there really are no limits. She was delighted to join the DTC administration staff in 2016. Sharon works year-round at DTC on the planning and execution of camps with special focus on program management, camper and staff support, logistics and communications. Sharon is also the Secretary for Diabetes Training Camp Foundation’s Board of Directors.