Heather R. (V Camp and 2008 In Person Camp Alum), Alaska

This was my 3rd year at Diabetes Training Camp. I live in Juneau, Alaska, and was diagnosed on my 40th birthday. I’d probably gone 7 months undiagnosed. My doctor never checked my blood sugar, because no one else in my family has Type 1 Diabetes. I went to a young PA for a second opinion and she had my BG checked before I left the waiting room. Immeasurable. I never seem to accept limits well… Even though DTC 2020 V Camp took place online this year - What was the best part? Seeing some of those familiar faces. Alumni-campers now work for the foundation! Carrie Cheadle’s still keeping us all stable in our emotional expectations, Lindsay Gregerson is still ratifying peanut M-&-Ms, and Dr. Matt still remembers details about me from 2009 - and he only shares the good ones. These people are doing something right, and even the most socially reticent of us are not immune. Thanks to the honest and sincerely ambitious enthusiasm of DTC staff and campers, I can talk about my diabetes with less judgement and more facts. I don’t pretend to be an expert, but I know where the experts can be found - and I point everyone I meet touched by diabetes to DTC. I think a lot of people, not just diabetics, assume a team of doctors and health specialists swarming to support them in their own ambitions is more than they deserve, or can live up to. But the staff at DTC know how to make every step a shared celebration, ringing far into the future.