Diabetes Training Camp

Jon has been a triathlete for over ten years, and he lives and breathes the sport. The sport changed his life because he has learned to live as an athlete. “Living as an athlete isn’t simply participating in a sport, training for 30 hours a week or competing at the Ironman World Championship–although I’ve done these things” states Jon, “rather, it’s a life approach. It requires a relentless awareness of the body, mind and environment and a willingness to live and adapt, rest and grow.”

Presently, Jon is racing as a professional triathlete. Jon also enjoys coaching age group triathletes. “There’s nothing quite like seeing the individuals I coach grow as athletes and human beings” says Jon. He is a USAT certified coach and received a Bachelor of Science in health science studies with a focus in exercise physiology and the aging process, a Bachelor of Arts in English from Quinnipiac University and a Master of Arts from Duquesne University. He strongly believes that his education sets him apart from many other coaches: “My foundation allows me to educate my athletes about themselves from an acute, biological point of view, helping to prevent sickness and injury.”

In his down time, Jon enjoys watching series on Netflix such as “Better Call Saul” and “That 70’s Show.” He currently lives in Connecticut with his wife Amber.